During the diaspora, those of us at URBAN SPACE DEVELOPMENT today were sharpening our skills defining space on a broad range of award-winning national projects. From multi-million dollar manors on exclusive islands to sewage treatment facilities in backwaters, it would be no great exaggeration, though a bit bumptious, for us to say, "We've collectively seen it all."

These are some of the projects with which we have been fortunate to get involved as URBAN SPACE DEVELOPMENT.

Project Name Project Date Project Type
724 Chestnut Street 2017 (On-Going) Development
Private PH Residence Addition 2017 (On-Going) Residential
J'aime 2017 Hospitablity
GIWA 2017 Hospitality
[solidcore] 2016 Commercial
Sumo Robata Bar & Grill 2016 Hospitality
113-115 Arch Street 2016 (On-Going) Development
2207 Chestnut Street 2016 (On-Going) Development
Zushi 2016 Hospitality
2110 Walnut Street 2015 (On-Going) Residential
725 Chestnut Street 2014 Development
Kanella South 2014 Hospitality
Capofitto 2014 Hospitality
Petruce et al. 2014 Hospitality
Rival Bros Coffee Roasters 2013 Hospitality
500 S. 24th Street 2013 Residential
Hip City Veg (UPENN) 2013 Hospitality
233 Chestnut Street 2012 Development
The Foodery 2012 Hospitality
Barbuzzo Addition 2012 Hospitality
Jamonera 2011 Hospitality
The Corner 2010 Hospitality
Barbuzzo 2010 Hospitality
APO 2010 Hospitality
Tweed 2010 Hospitality
Capogiro Production Facility 2009 Industrial
Gatehouse Restaurant 2009 Hospitality
Capogifro Gelato Artisans (UPENN) 2009 Hospitality
Capogifro Gelato Artisans (Passyunk) 2009 Hospitality
SAMPAN 2009 Hospitality
Noble 2009 Hospitality
Raw Sushi & Sake Lounge (Expansion) 2008 Hospitality
Apothecary Bar & Lounge 2008 Hospitality
Sumo Lounge 2008 Hospitality
Global Distribution 2008 Industrial
Whitemarsh Villas Private Residence 2007 Residential
Center City Private Residence 2007 Residential
Kenworth Court 2006 Residential
1214 Arch Street 2006 Institutional
26 N. 3rd Street 2006 Residential
Bo Concept 2005 Retail
Capogiro Gelato Artisans (Rittenhouse) 2005 Hospitality
Jeweler's Building 2004 Residential